the half elf of Greywater

To the far West lies The Bronze chain, the last islands of this civilised world where prisoners condemned to slavery toil in the fields to grow pipe weed and poppy seed. The Chain has always been ruled by the family Greywater, a fair family who ensure that the prisoners are not unduly punished unless, of course, they are deserving.

Lord Algernon Greywater took up his patronage at a very young age and was famed for his love of Women. Often a slave maiden would find her sentence shortened and placed on a ship back to the main lands with her hands no longer shackled but her belly bearing fruit. However as he reached his middle age and rumblings of war between nations reached The Chain Lord Blackwater married Jao Goldvale one of the eastern houses, and although the marriage was for family advantage over love, Jao bore him his first true air, a son called Delvin Greywater.

But before the boy had reached 6 months his mother fell ill, the island’s druid diagnosed Necrotic Fever and by the next new moon she had died. An elf prisoner who had miscarried a child of her own was brought to the castle as a wet nurse and she cared for the boy as if her were her own.

It is unknown what truly happened between the two but when Algernon married his second Wife, Jao’s younder sister Tsai
Goldvale, the elf wet nurse was with child and it is rumoured that Lord Greywater bedded his wet nurse rather than his new bride on their wedding night.

The Wet nurse bore Algernon his second son and although the boy was a bastard the love lord Greywater held for the mother meant he brought the boy in as if he were a true Son and even made him his namesake. Tsai promised that if the new-born Algernon was made a true air the Goldvale family would burn The Bronze Chain to ash, and so the child was given the family name in his mother’s tongue and became Algernon Mistanen.

The two brothers, barely two years apart in age became inseparable and when they were 4 and 6 years old Tsai finally gave birth to the third brother, Stigred.

As they grew they were educated together in Greywater keep and when the elder boys began to mature in their later teens they started taking an interest in similar pastimes to their father and would often be found in the less reputable taverns. Whilst there they became friends with one of the taverns more specialist serving girls, a Teifling named Kolassa Atatteon and although they never gave her their patronage they knew their younger brother frequented similar taverns with a more exotic taste than the elder boys and when they glimpsed his back before swimming in Greywater bay they often noted heal marks that matched Kolassa’s heels.

Years passed and Delvin came of age. And Algernon saw his brothers less as the true airs were taught the finer points of ruling whilst he spent his time in brothels or reading in the library.

Soon after his 21st birthday however, Delvin fell ill with Necrotic fever and the eldest Greywater brother fell dead 20 years to the day of his mother. Lord Greywater was devastated by the loss of his air and soon became bedbound. The younger Algernon retreated to his library searching for anything that would help him fill the void he felt at the loss of his brother and quickly discovered darker tomes.
One night Kolassa is awakened from her sleep by a cool breeze from the open window making the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. She stirs slightly and opens her eyes. The chamber of Stigred Greywater looks silver and dark blue through her dark vision but she knows the patches of black on the bed are really crimson stains from the marks she has imprinted on Stigred. In her sleep she smiles to herself for her nights work has been successful and she knows she will be rewarded. A thin light at the doorway stops her from returning to sleep and she pads bearfoot to the door to close it. From the door however she hears voices and listens in, gossip between lords is sometimes worth more than their gold.
“It is done my lord” a low rumbling voice wispers in the corredoor “your father is dead”. Kolassa’s heart jumps a beat, she must have misheard. A moment of silence from the corridor. “and the nightshade?” Stigred’s voice without a doubt
“In your brothers room” this time a female voice. “Good, when my brother returns to the keep in the morning make sure there is a crowd to see the arrest, I want the trail and execution complete before the sun touches the sea”
Kolassa does not hear the rest of the exchange, she silently runs to the open window along the rooftops and drops down into the street. Naked she runs through the town where she knows she will find her friend.

She wakes him silently without rousing the two elves he has chosen as tonight’s companions and tells him what she has heard. Algernon looks deep into Kolassa’s eyes and knows she speaks the truth. Filled with an icy dread he dresses and picks up what he now realises are his only belongings in the world. Stopping only to pick up Kolossa’s clothes and her whip from her room they run quickly to the docks and board the only ship leaving that morning, The Cadiz, a ship in the silver hand merchant navy bound for the island of Etra. As the ship sets sail the sun rises in the east and casts a golden light which hits the pipe weed and poppy fields turning The Chain from silver to a burning bronze.

You choose how much or little you want to reveal to anyone on the ship including Rob who is as yet a nameless but is on board the ship. I will send more information but bare in mind the silver hand is a famously law abiding ship and will most likely turn you in to the local justice if they find who you are and that you are wanted.

the half elf of Greywater

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