Radulphus Philomon Mortimer

You grew up in a prosperous family, your father who was a captain of a ship in the silver hand merchant navy died when you were young when his ship vanished when he was exploring the sea beyond the western isles known as the Bronze Chain. Your mother was always working as she was a board member of the silver hand. You were raised by an elf nanny when you were a baby and then by a Halfling nanny called Genova Chubb but at such a young age was too much for you so she became Nanny Chubb.

You had a rebellious youth moving from port to port as your mothers work required. You learned how to sail from the crew members you met and learned to fight from the street urchins you punched and who hit back harder. But nanny chubb would always heal your wounds and eventually you learned to slash with a pointy stick and dodge rather than take the punches.

When you were in your mid teens, Nanny Chubb found you fighting in the sreet and although half your size dragged you back to the ship you were living on at the time and got you scrubbed up and dressed in your silver hand uniform. She took you to the capains cabin and stood you infront of the five members of the silver hand council, a black bruise around your eye the only sign of your misspent youth.

The council then let you in on the biggest secret of the silver hand. On the outside the Silver hand is a reputable merchant Navy, renowned for its policy of fair dealings with any nation without limit for political and racial tensions. They have offices throughout the civilised world. Their policy for lawful trading over the centuries has made them one of the most profitable and well-loved companies in the world, but behind all this sits a higher purpose.

The Silver hand has an inner circle, made up of the council, the 14 ships captains, the quartermaster in each office and 28 loyal sailors. They use the merchant navy as a cover for their real goal is to ensure the balance of humanity and wealth. Stealing from the greedy, overturning tyrants, blackmailing, and espionage. Very occasionally, as a last resort, dealing death. They work in the shadows meaning that few have heard of the conspiracy and less believe it to be true. They are financed by the silver hand, old family money and occasionally by accepting a contract for work if it is for the right cause. Some rulers who know of the group’s existence (but not its connection to the silver hand) wish it destroyed and make accusations of law breaking vigilante justice.
You are enrolled as the newest member and Nanny Chubb becomes your tutor in the ideals of the conspiracy and what they stand for.

Finally after years of study you are given your first voyage on the Cadiz, one if the navy’s finest ships and for the first time you are not being watched by nanny Chubb. Instead you are under the care of Captain Stonebeard, a grizzled dwarf. You have travelled to the far Western Islands known as the Bronze chain, an island where prisoners serve sentences in the fields growing pipe weed and poppy. The islands are ruled by lord Algernon Greywater although he has been ill for months after the death of his son, Delvin Greywater. You are excited to leave, your next stop is the island of greywater and your first mission. The silver hand has learned about a fishing village that, if the rumours are true, live in fear of a wizard living in a nearby tower, the wizard has come into position of a stone that when he touches it to his skin lets him read the mind of anyone he has locked eyes with. You have been tasked with stealing this stone to prevent this reign of terror. If possible you are also to steal his magic book.

As you are prepare to set sail at dawn, two figures run up the gang plank, a half elf in shabby noble clothes and a Teifling dressed in leather armour, high heels and a whip. They ask for passage on the ship and as the silver hand is well known for welcoming travellers you let them on board, setting sail for Etra. As the ship sets sail the sun rises in the east and casts a golden light which hits the pipe weed and poppy fields turning The Chain from silver to a burning bronze.
On some adventures you are going to have private goals that you sometimes can and sometimes cannot reveal to the others. I will put your class down as sailor but really think pirate James bond with a rapier. (if you’ve played soul calibre 4 think young Cervantes) you also cannot let the others know the true purpose of the silver hand at all ever

Radulphus Philomon Mortimer

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